Notice: Do not leave wife unattended

September 18, 2013 at 7:30 pm Leave a comment

“Did you buy me anything?” I asked.

Tea time virtually

We were having a video chat–just like the old days. Except in the old days the camera used to freeze because the dial-up connection just couldn’t take it and our faces would be stuck in the most unpleasant positions until we gave up altogether and went back to typing on ICQ or AIM.

“No, afraid not,” he replied.

Scott is in the US on business. Again. There should be some law about this. A person should not be allowed to travel to his/her partner’s home country without him or her. It’s just plain rude.


“Sorry,” he said, drinking his tea and waving to a colleague walking past him in the lobby.

“Are you just playing it down because you actually did buy me something?”

“No, I really didn’t.”

“Hmm, ok,” I said, smiling.


“It kinda feels like you’re not telling me you bought me something and that’s ok. I’ll be surprised.”

“I haven’t bought anything!”

Or has he?

The side-eye

Say what?

After my chalk paint success nearly a year ago, I have been eying a vintage bench for my annual craft project. I figured I could buy it and have it delivered while he’s gone. I could have it refinished and painted by the time he got home. The bench I like is actually a pew from a chapel in East London. Danish design. Used in Die Hard 5, apparently. I didn’t even know there was a Die Hard 5, but I think that helps my case.

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Dirt to desk 1D and me

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